Thursday, 23 April 2009

Fight enemies with love!

I've been today through a horrific experience, a job interview from straight from hell! They belittled me and acted generally nasty towards me. I'm not even going to type their name as it might get them higher up in Google LOL

I'll put it down to experiences and thank my lucky stars it was just an interview. If they were like that at interview stage, what would they be like to work for?!

In the words of Planet Perfecto: "Fight fire with fire, fight enemies with love".

Friday, 17 April 2009

Second Easter!

Yep, this weekend's my second Easter, the Orthodox one. If you think I haven't prepared for the 1st one, last weekend, you should hear about this one! I haven't done anything, zero, zilch, nada, rien! I'm just not in the mood, you know.

I'm going for 2 interviews next week, so wish me luck!

I'm expecting some Pumpkin Peach products so watch this space.

Lately I've been listening to Fleet Foxes:

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Hunting high and low...

After being here, there and everywhere at Easter, it's time for me to start hunting high and low! For a job that is. I've got my finger in plenty of pies, however none of them pay very well :) It's time for me to go back to working in an office!

Here's good ol' Dolly for you:

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Two Easters!!!

Anybody preparing for Easter yet?! I'm one of the lucky ones. Because I'm Orthodox, I celebrate two Easters (greedy!): my husband's, this weekend and mine, next weekend! Double the Chocolate Easter Egg allowance!

I think The Blonde might whisk me away this weekend to somewhere special, though I don't know where that might be.
ps: Don't you just love these painted eggs?! The work that goes into them, it's amazing!

Paris in the spring...

I've always wanted to go to Paris in the Spring and it seems like this year my wish will come true!

I'm going on a Pumpkin Peach sourcing trip in May and expect loads of One of a Kind goodies!!!

Till then, Pumpkin Peach's official opening is neigh!!! I can't wait, I'm so excited. Keep you posted!

ps: Sorry for being so scarce lately, however I've been to some job interviews and have another one coming.

I leave you with my fave song at the moment from Bat for Lashes - "Daniel".