Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Just my imagination!

Me and The Blonde wanted one particular house so badly I think in our minds we were already living there! In his mind, he'd already bought a new fancy drill and painted the garage door and I'd already sent my daughter to the girls only school in the vicinity! We' d ripped out the carpets to expose the beautiful floors, replaced the kitchen cupboard doors and built a mini paddock to house our Miniature Shetland Pony LOL

We went to have a look a couple of days ago and climbed on the fence to have a better look at the garden :)

Phoned up the other day to talk to the estate agent and guess what?! It's under offer! Both of us are really shattered however it serves us right because we hadn't even contacted the agent before moving there already in our minds!

This song always cheers me up:

Monday, 16 March 2009

Craving Paris...

I think at least 4 people have told me I've made them crave Paris! They all want to go as soon as possible. To add to that, The Blonde told me the other day: "Next week start planning for our Paris sourcing trip".

Hold your horses everybody! Just to make do before you/ we go, this is Ladyhawke - Paris is Burning:

Friday, 13 March 2009

Coming Soon to Pumpkin Peach!

Just to tickle your tastebuds with some of the goodies arriving soon at Pumpkin Peach from Lisbeth Dahl:

a beautiful satin scarf, so ethereal and vintage looking, it wouldn't look out of place on a Victorian Lady!

a gorgeous ornate cake stand with 3 colourful bowls, with the Lisbeth Dahl logo.

a cracked glass effect lantern, perfect for tealights or to be used as a vase!

a girly Teddy Bear in a pink sequinned tutu with pink booties! Great present for any little girl!

a beautiful vintage looking bowl with a lid!

a heavilly bejewelled purse which wouldn't have looked out of place on Marilyn' vanity unit!

an ornamental birdcage! I absolutely adore birdcages. They look amazing with flowers in them.

These are only a taster of the items coming soon to Pumpkin Peach. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Doggie Delight!

Friday we’ve been to Crufts, the British Dog Show and by God we’ve enjoyed it! I mostly, of course! Below there are two pictures of me with a Pomeranian and a Chihuahua.

I’ve also had a look at pet carriers and this one grabbed my attention. It’s a Juicy Couture Scottie in Lemon. I thought it looked unisex.

We’ve seen some amazing bakery goodies from the Canine Cookie Company and a lovely Sailor Collar from PetLondon. Now the only things missing are the dogs to go with everything!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Paris on my mind...

Sorry to be so scarce lately, it's just that I've been working on one of my other projects. I'm writing copy for a Travel Portal. I've just started a London series, soon to be followed by a Paris series.

I've been with The Blonde to a Kaiser Chiefs (indie music) concert. I love indie! The Blonde is a bit more country :) .

Besides that, I've been working on my baby, Pumpkin Peach. The site is ready however the products for it are not! :( It seems the bank has lost some paperwork and can't go ahead with the account just yet. Banks!

While I'm working on that, I'm daydreaming about Paris... We're going on a sourcing trip in late April- beginning of May. I simply can't wait! I haven't been since 2007 and that's ages for me!

As holidays, we're also planning a long weekend to Barcelona this summer and a mini-tour of France in September probably. I feel I haven't seen France properly.

I was telling The Blonde the other day I'm having a quarter-life crisis LOL I want to move to the South of France to write a book! He said "What about Pumpkin Peach?!"...

For the moment I'm just basking in daydreaming about Paris...
PS: I forgot to add The Blonde can't believe this little girl singing Joe le Taxi is Vanessa Paradis, Johnny Depp's partner LOL