Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Rechargeable batteries...

Some of you might have wondered why I haven’t put many pictures on this blog yet. There is a perfectly good explanation for this: my camera “sucks” batteries like lollipops! There are of course advantages to a camera that works with AA batteries and the biggest one of all is that AA batteries are everywhere, from petrol stations to supermarkets to corner shops. They were selling AA batteries in Piazza San Marco in Venice!! You are never more than 20m away from an AA battery, I am told. It’s probably from the same source that says you are never further than 3m from a rat in London. I smell a rat! :)

However, having stated the ubiquity of AA batteries, I must also state their biggest drawback. The cheapest ones (like Kodak!) last as long as you can say “POP”. And that’s not long at all!
You might say, “Why not use rechargeables instead?”... And here comes the short but funny story of rechargeable batteries in our house.

When I and The Blonde first moved in together, I wanted to impress with my homemaking skills. I scrubbed the oven, polished the floors and started tidying and unpacking all the boxes. For some reason, I wanted some batteries and I found a box full to the brim of batteries. I tried all of them and neither was working. Then, all proud of myself that I’m a great homemaker, I binned the box full of batteries... Skip forward a few hours. The Blonde comes home from work and I start telling him what I’ve done during the day and I tell him about the batteries, how they weren’t working so I’ve binned them all! He stares at me in disbelief with his beautiful green eyes and starts laughing hysterically! They were rechargeable batteries, he said.

The end.

Ps: So you can see I’m not just good at binning rechargeable batteries, I want to give you a Pumpkin Peach update. Everything is going along nicely and by the end of February- beginning of March we’re expecting to be open!

Pps: For all you busy bees out there:

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