Saturday, 9 May 2009

Le crayon...

This Saturday The Blonde is studying for his accountancy qualification exam, being held on the 19th this month. He's 35 and still studying, but you're never too old to study! Hell, even I might do a Masters in a couple of years' time. I thought about an MA in French Studies. Most of my friends are either full Doctors or studying for a Doctorate. I feel left behind LOOOOOL.

Back to The Blonde. He absolutely hates it! He just sits there chewing on his pencil and has sneak peeks at the end of the book (where the solutions are). From time to time he moans "I'll never need this *&%~".

In order to escape this, I went shopping and got the most humongous piece of ribbon. Because I love ribbons so much, I've decided to start collecting them. Below you can see the picture of the ribbon roll next to my hand, for size:

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