Friday, 23 January 2009

Heels gliding on Parquet

I’ve always had this thing for parquet and wooden floors in general. My mom and dad have parquet in the rooms. Don’t imagine it’s a castle- it’s only an apartment but hence I spent my childhood on parquet, I seem to crave it now! However, the other day I was looking at lovely Fifi’s home and was besotted with her white carpets. I showed The Blonde when he came home from work and he, with all his accountant-like practicality, belted out: “Aren’t they difficult to clean?” At that moment I remembered something from my childhood:

My mom is a clean-freak, so anybody coming to visit has to take their shoes off. Once they took me to see some of their friends who lived not far from us, a short 5 minute walk. When we got to their flat, the host greeted us and told us to keep our shoes on! That was a shock to me, being used to my mom’s ways. Their parquet was shining and the host wore high heels, and seemed to glide on the smooth surface like in a ballroom dance! My eyes were sparkling and I knew that from that moment...

“Who cares if they’re difficult to clean? We’ll buy a professional carpet cleaner!”

Ever since I saw that woman in high heels on parquet I’ve decided I am going to enjoy to the full everything I’ve got, be it taking the garbage out in Manolos, walking with muddy shoes on my white carpet or eat everyday with silverware!

Here’s to a glass of champagne in the afternoon!

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