Monday, 19 January 2009

What to expect from rainy Mondays...

It’s not raining, it’s pouring with rain! The sky is a dirty white colour and even the dog wants to snooze indoors. That’s when you can tell it’s a rainy Monday. Rainy Mondays aren’t anything like rainy Tuesdays or even like rainy Saturdays! They’ve got that melancholy attached to them, that longing for the weekend!

This weekend me and The Blonde (my husband- he’s fair haired and I’m dark haired) went to look for a new mattress. He got the one we’ve got at the moment before we moved in together so I didn’t have any input in buying it... Which means it’s a very very very hard mattress! So hard we have to have a featherbed on top to spare our aching bones! The featherbed is becoming flatter and flatter so I suggested that instead of buying featherbeds constantly, we should invest in a better mattress, so we wouldn’t need a featherbed at all! Easier said than done. We went into a furniture shop, laid on some mattresses and realised the one I liked best cost £3000!!! We’re saving up for that, I think. The Blonde suggested we should try another shop, so that’s going to be next weekend.

Pumpkin Peach
is coming along nicely and you should expect some lovely whimsical items in February. Me and The Blonde are planning a sourcing trip to Paris at Les Puces, so in March/April watch out for some one of a kind French finds.

On this rainy Monday, I leave you with New Order:

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