Thursday, 15 January 2009

Je ne parle pas Francais (so let the music do the talking!)

Not an entirely accurate description, but a great way to introduce you to my baby – Pumpkin Peach. It started in 2007, as a wild idea, that I could work for myself and it grew around my passion for everything French, shabby chic items and objet d’art. The name itself just came to me one night, as all good ideas usually do- when you’re just not thinking about the task at hand! Don’t you just love the bountifulness of a good ol’ pumpkin, with its fleshy and comforting sweet taste?! It makes me think about everything good in life- grandma’s baking, Indian summer evenings and a fine compliment just when I’m feeling down! Peaches are also fleshy but full of softness, just like a luxurious cashmere pashmina or a freshly shaven lover’s cheek! There you have it- Pumpkin Peach, the haven for indulgence!

You will be able to find little treasures such as antique one of a kind finds in Les Puces of Paris and deliciously girly treats for the home and soul from Lisbeth Dahl and many more secret gems you will be proud to showcase!

Speaking of freshly shaven lovers, I would like to thank my husband for giving me the wings to fly with this project and keeping my train on the tracks when things get tough! I would also like to thank Sara at SadieOlive, an amazing designer, for my lovely logo! And all of you, you know who you are!!!

Let the carousel ride begin!!!

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